EMCO UnLock IT 2.0.0

No Image resource. UnlockIT integrates into Windows Explorer, so you can launch it by selecting correspondent item from the context menu for any resource. It gives you one-click access to check resource for locks and unlock it if required. For locked resources UnlockIT reports detailed information about processes that hold a lock, including a process name, execution path, loaded modules and other parameters. If you need to unlock resource you can do it just

ResxToResJson 1.6: ResxToResJson: Easily convert .resx string resources to  .resjson resources.
ResxToResJson 1.6

resource file to a .resjson resource file, and it validates the correctness of the conversion. This utility is a must have for Microsoft LightSwitch developers! A command line version is available, so you can automate your conversions and keep your resource files synchronized. Please download and try the 30-day trial today! Key Features * Commercial quality and support; * Converts the resource key, string, and comments; * Available for 32/64-bit

resources, convert, lightswitch, resjson, resx

Resoor 1.34: It generates resource files and sources in different programming languages.
Resoor 1.34

Resource editor for programs. It can import resources from executable files and RES files. It can generate resource files and source files in different programming languages.

source, resource, localization, pascal

AIconExtract Easily view, extract and save icon, cursor and bitmap resources from files.

resource images from the files on your computer. Software developers often include dozens of icon, cursor and bitmap resource images within computer programs. Using AIconExtract`s user friendly interface you can view all of the static icon, cursor and bitmap resource images included within the files stored on your computer. Icon, cursor and bitmap resource images can be copied to the clipboard or saved to disk as .ico (icon), .bmp (Windows® bitmap

icon, images, icons, graphic, bitmap, image, paint, graphics, utilities, extract, utility

Resource Database Editor 2.4.0: Building EXE file independent resource files. .NET 1.1/2.0 in C#/VB; also VB 6.
Resource Database Editor 2.4.0

resource files which can be read by any project over a DLL at runtime. This way for example also multilingual applications could be built easily. You can just read the strings at runtime in that language you need at the moment. But not only strings, but also images, audio files, videos and every other type of files can be saved within the resource files and embedded at runtime (e. g. displaying of language specific videos possible). While installing

video, files, embedding, image, audio, resource, database, independent, graphics, programming, software, editor, music

GTRM Massive Collaborative Global Text Resource Translation and  Management System

resource one, under an unified interface Uni-VR (tm). It is also customizable to fit a user`s target data representation formats. It`s application areas includes, but not limited to, computer software globalization/localization, trans-lingual lexica building (tool) and resource/reference repository, cross culture knowledge propagation, global information processing and re-generation, and to server as a tool and resource to do comparative art, literature

internet, language, multilingual, service, collaboration, resource, digital, globalization, editor, text, tool, localization, translation

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ManageXPS 1.1

It is a opensource software(GPL).Software is windows application written in VB6.0The modules which will be incorporated in MANAGE XPS are:* A-O-N genration* Gantt chart genration.* Critical path and various float calculation.* Resource profile genration.* Resource leveling through simulation.* Resource allocation based on various priority rules.* Project crashing under development.* Other financial modules under development.Site Address

resource leveling, project management, gantt chart

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